How do I contact Pienergy?

Contact one of our friendly staff members on 1300 143 515 or simply complete our contact form

What can Pienergy do for me?"

We can offer information such as pricing, specifications, technical data, warranties, installation and much more. We will organize a solar quote free of charge and assess the suitability of your home. We also arrange approval through your electricity supplier, organize the Solar Credits rebate and coordinate installation by a CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited installer.

What is an Inverter?

The inverter is the device that monitors and converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into the Australian standard 230V AC. The inverter is installed in a convenient location as close to your switchboard as possible. The inverter not only monitors and converts the electricity but also provides immediate information such as the amount of power being produced.

Are Solar Panels covered by insurance?

Yes, your household insurer will cover the solar panels; as long as they are informed the panels are installed.